Distinguished Scholar Award

Fifteen years ago, the Ethnic Geography Specialty Group (EGSG) established the EGSG Distinguished Scholar Award to honor outstanding scholars in the field of ethnic geography. As of 2003, nomination of the Distinguished Scholars is open to the entire membership. The committee will make its selection based on reviews of the nominee’s curriculum vitae (by e-mail or online). Nomination of non-EGSG members or foreign scholars is welcome. A formal announcement of the recipient will be made at the EGSG annual business meeting.

Scholar Award Recipients

Year Recipient
2018 Emily Skop
2018 Jim Forrest
2016 John Frazier
2015 Lawrence Estaville
2014 Audrey Kobayashi
2013 James Tyner
2012 Wei Li
2011 Carlos Teixeira
2010 Ron Johnston
2009 Fred Boal
2008 Ceri Peach
2007 Kay J. Anderson
2006 Joe Darden
2005 Curtis C. Roseman
2004 David Ley
2003 Daniel Arreola
2002 Thomas Boswell
2001 Susan W. Hardwick
2000 Richard L. Nostrand
1999 Michael P. Conzen
1998 James P. Allen
1997 Allen G. Noble
1996 R. Cole Harris
1995 Wilbur Zelinsky


Terry G. Jordan

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